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titleFirst phase of NCC support to the Bulgarian Institute for Public Administration completed



The JASPERS Networking and Competence Centre (NCC) has successfully concluded the first phase of its capacity building support to the

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TextBulgarian Institute for Public Administration (IPA)


IPA was established in 2000 as part of administrative reform in the context of EU accession, as an Executive Agency under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. The mission of IPA is to provide centralized trainings for civil servants from all levels (central, regional and local) of public administration in Bulgaria.


In late 2017 IPA planned for the first time the development and implementation of a new dedicated training programme called the Academy of European Structural and Investment Funds (- the

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TextESIF Academy
). The ESIF Academy is one of the measures envisaged In the 2014 Partnership Agreement of the Republic of Bulgaria to strengthen the capacity of bodies responsible for the EU funds management and to increase their overall efficiency.


The ESIF Academy was designed as a modular post-graduate certificate programme delivered in cooperation with Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ and was partly financed by the Bulgarian Operational Programme for Good Governance. 24 Bulgarian officials were selected through an open competition to participate in its first 2018 edition.


Upon a request received from the Bulgarian Council of Ministers and IPA, during 2018 JASPERS has:


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  • provided support to IPA in the design of the ESIF Academy’s modules related to Cost-benefit Analysis, State Aid requirements, and Financial Instruments in the context of ESIF programmes and projects;
  • supported the overall implementation of the ESIF Academy’s and the delivery of specific modules during its first edition in 2018.
  • ensured the delivery of stand-alone seminars on State Aid and Financial Instruments (in cooperation with the EIB) addressed to a wider audience of experts from MAs, IBs and final beneficiaries (around 120 participants overall).


The first edition of the ESIF Academy has successfully concluded in November 2018.


In early 2019, JASPERS will provide support to IPA in the review of results and feedback from the first ESIF Academy edition for fine-tuning and updates of the curricula for the 2019 edition, as necessary. This review and update will also take into account the EC proposals for the 2021-2027 programming period.

In coordination and agreement with IPA, in 2019 JASPERS will also develop and implement with a selected group of local trainers a train-the-trainers package for selected training modules.


For any questions about the activities of the JASPERS Networking Platform and the Networking and Competence Centre, please send an email to