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Joint JASPERS-UITP Workshop on public transport quality monitoring


A workshop on public transport performance monitoring, jointly organised by the JASPERS Networking Platform and UITP, and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, will be held in Brussels on 14 March 2016.

The workshop is aimed at public transport authorities and selected transport operators, especially those who envisage applying for EU funds for public transport investments. The purpose of the workshop is to provide guidance on how to set contractual quality objectives for different types of public transports and monitor the achievement of those objectives by using appropriate Key Performance Indicators and efficient tools and technologies.

The workshop will include four sessions on the following topics: Urban Mobility Objectives and Public Transport Quality; Performance and Monitoring requirements in the PSC; Performance Monitoring Technologies; and Non-technical Performance Monitoring Methods (see more detailed information on these topics below). The potential need for general guidance at European level to be adapted at national/local level will also be addressed during the workshop. The event will conclude with an exchange of views and recommendations.


For more information on this workshop and a tentative agenda please visit the event page.


For any questions about this workshop or the activities of the JASPERS Networking Platform, please send an email to


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