Webinar on bus fleet decarbonisation in Austria

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Webinar on bus fleet decarbonisation in Austria


Decarbonisation of bus fleets at local and regional level - availability and ownership of vehicles and infrastructure.


This webinar was undertaken in the context of a JASPERS advisory assignment on the bus fleet decarbonisation at local and regional level in Innsbruck and Tyrol. It was attended by 30 specifically invited participants from several Austrian regions, as well as a number of transport authorities in Denmark and Germany.


The core question of the webinar relates to a key advisory question: Will large-scale e-bus deployment require new forms of asset procurement and ownership in Tyrol? The answer to this question cannot be used as template for cities and regions in other countries. Yet, the presentation, explanation and discussion of approaches in Denmark, Germany and Austria is of relevance to a wider audience.  


Three core objectives have to be met in decarbonising bus fleets at local and regional level: The legal requirements of the “Clean Vehicles Directive” (EU 2019/1161, CVD), the contribution to the achievement of local or regional decarbonisation objectives and the requirement to increase the modal share of public transport.


Decarbonisation will take time and should not be overly rushed since this might jeopardise the functioning of the public transport system in place. Some regions aim at completing the shift to zero emission systems still in this decade, some aim at a longer period.


Procurement and ownership of the necessary assets (vehicles and infrastructure) depends on experience, competence and market structures per region.

The contributions from the transport authorities of Tyrol, Austria, the wider Munich area, the wider Frankfurt area, Sealand, i.e. the Danish capital region, and a county based transport authority in Northern Germany have exposed a wide range of strategies and implementation steps.


The webinar has therefore provided relevant information for decision makers in Tyrol and Innsbruck.


The webinar was held in German language with simultaneous translation into/from English.  To take account of the potential relevance for practitioners and decision makers in the other regions, all presentations have been translated into both German and English languages and are now made available jointly with the attached detailed summary, equally in both languages.


For more information please see the detailed agenda, presentations and summary available on this page.


For any further enquiry on this webinar and in general on the activities of the JASPERS Networking Platform please write an email to jaspersnetwork@eib.org




Decarbonisation of bus fleets at local and regional level – availability and ownership of vehicles and infrastructure

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