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Programme of Networking Platform events 2016




The Networking Platform 2016 work programme currently envisages the following activities:

  • Seminar on blending ESI Funds and PPPs (11 May)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Forum meeting on RDI sectors (31 May)

  • Climate change adaptation - vulnerability and risk assessment for projects (7 June)

  • Streamlining environmental procedures into project development (June)


  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Forum meetings on Environment and Energy sectors (July - tbc)

  • Seminars on state aid issues in infrastructure projects (several sessions in 2016)

  • Second annual meeting for the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) projects (Q3 2016 - tbc)


  • Follow-up on the requirements of the Water Framework Directive when preparing projects (Q4 2016)


  • Climate change mitigation and carbon footprinting (Q4 2016)


  • "Smart Cities": integrating urban transport, energy and ICT (Q4 2016)

  • Good practices and experiences in sludge management (Q4 2016)


  • Public transport integration in municipal areas with EU funded Public Transport (Q4 2016)


For activities already implemented, please visit the dedicated event page for further information and links to the proceedings.












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