Knowledge sharing event on climate adaptation in projects

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Knowledge sharing event on climate adaptation, vulnerability and resilience in projects


A knowledge sharing event on climate adaptation, vulnerability and risk assessment and the resilience of major infrastructure projects was held in Brussels on 7-8 June 2016.





The JASPERS Networking Platform was created to complement JASPERS project advisory operations by implementing knowledge sharing and capacity building activities, as well as fostering dissemination of good practices and exchange of experiences among all EU member states, pre-accession countries and other JASPERS Stakeholders.



The JASPERS Networking Platform is open to relevant authorities from all EU Member States (EU 28), as well as pre-accession Countries.



The assessment of climate change risks and the integration of appropriate adaptation measures in order to promote climate resilience are essential steps in project development.  The purpose of the event was to bring together individuals and organisations working on climate change adaptation for infrastructure projects across Europe, encouraging the exchange of views, ideas and experiences through interactive sessions and discussions.






This knowledge sharing event on climate change adaptation: vulnerability and risk assessment and the resilience of major infrastructure projects, was jointly organised by the JASPERS Networking Platform, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the European Commission (DG Climate Action and DG Regional and Urban Policy) to facilitate capacity building and sharing of experiences on this topic.


The event included sessions on the following topics: development of methodologies and guidance on vulnerability and risk assessment; practical experience and lessons learnt from integrating resilience into project case studies. The need for follow-up activities, further guidance at European level, and more detailed exchange of experience, was also addressed during the event. 

The event was aimed at practitioners in the field of climate change adaptation and representatives from managing authorities, line ministries and beneficiaries that are or will be responsible for the preparation of projects in the period 2014-2020.


For more information please see the tentative agenda available on this page.


For any further enquiry on this knowledge sharing meeting and in general on the activities of the JASPERS Networking Platform please write an email to

Videos of the event

Opening of the meeting

Panel discussion - first day


Panel discussion on projects


Methodologies and guidance - part I


Practical experience from projects - part I



Methodologies and guidance - part II


Practical experience from projects - part II




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