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JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) provides technical expertise for any stage of the project cycle, covering technical, economic and financial questions. It is geared to providing advice, ensuring coordination, developing and reviewing project structures, removing bottlenecks, filling gaps and identifying problems in project preparation, to help improve the quality of the major projects to be submitted for grant financing under the Structural and Cohesion Funds.

JASPERS is managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and co-sponsored by the European Commission (EC).  

The European Commission - Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO)  aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion by reducing disparities between the levels of development of EU regions and countries. DG REGIO manages three major Funds: the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which operates in all Member States, but is concentrated in the regions with lowest GDP/head; the Cohesion Fund, which co-finances transport and environment projects in Member States whose GNI is less than 90% of the Community average; and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), which helps candidate countries to develop transport networks and improve environmental infrastructure.


The European Investment Bank (EIB) , established in 1958 and owned by the EU's Member States, furthers the objectives of the European Union by making long-term finance available for sound investment, borrowing on the capital markets to finances those projects. JASPERS is managed by the EIB from its Luxembourg headquarters and from the regional offices located in Bucharest, Sofia, Vienna and Warsaw.


Membership to the JASPERS Network is limited to JASPERS Partners and to the Managing Authorities involved in the preparation and implementation of EU Cohesion Policy in JASPERS Countries of operations.

Upon request, membership could be extended to selected Intermediate Bodies and large Beneficiaries in JASPERS Countries of operations, as well as to relevant authorities in other EU Countries.

To enquiry about the possibility of becoming a JASPERS Network member please send an email to



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